Pedigree for: Shawmar Fine 'N Dandy at Guzmac
Owner: Sue Royer
Guzmac Above All Others Guzmac All My Desire Eng Ch Yakee Dame's Desire of Shiarita Eng Ch Shiarita Cassidy
Marbryn Solo Girl At Yakee
Eng Ch Guzmac Jin's Solitaire Eng Ch Genderlee Jin's Jester
Guzmac Pearl Elegance
Guzmac Midnight Velvet Eng Ch Guzmac Be My Desire Eng Ch Yakee Dame's Desire of Shiarita
Guzmac Pearl Elegance
Guzmac Velvet touch Guzmac Dazzler's Dream
Cesca's Chin Foo-Lo
Shawmar Too Hot To Handle Eng Ch Tomdor Randolph of Singlewell Eng Ch Singlewell Magic Ruler Eng Ch Micklee Roc's Ru-Ago
Eng Ch Singlewell T'sai Magic
Kishana Lo-Tse Adlung's Grand Slam
Kishana Accolade
Shawmar All The Rage Delwin Follow That Dream Eng Ch Toydom Quite Outrageous
Eng Ch Delwin A Little Bit Special
Shawmar Sweet 'N Saucy Eng Ch Singlewell In Vogue with Toydom
Delwin Sweet Becky of Shawmar